Shub Financial Services
Member, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
Why Our Services
You will be assigned one of our dedicated and highly qualified staff people to do the day to day work for your company. This person becomes intimately aware of your business and the details that make your organization unique, and tailor your books to reflect this knowledge. We are not afraid to give suggestions, feedback or express concerns.

We may very well have business relationships with your vendors, customers, employees and even your banking representatives. Backup staff is always available if your key point person is not, and full oversight and review of your company is provided by the owner.

We act as your virtual business office. Both bills and payments can be mailed directly to your company at our address. Your records are kept using high quality hardware and software.  We have a secure office with daily off sight backup services. All physical files for the current and prior fiscal years are kept on our premises. We are located in Oakland, CA but accept clients from outside our immediate area.

CPA firms highly recommend us because of our fine reputation and quality of service. We streamline processes when appropriate and provide a very complete finished product. At tax time we work directly with your income tax preparer, providing them with the necessary documents to complete tax returns using a minimum of their time, which can mean a large savings to our clients.

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